The Dark Place

September 20, 2018 kazumi 0

  Every night a feeling that whispers into my ears of mind, That feeling draws me to a place, Which is dark and sad like […]

How to Move on

September 17, 2018 kazumi 0

  In this article I would like to talk about ways to MOVE ON in life. Moving on could be for anything whether its a […]

Bungee Jump

September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  We went for a small vacation to British Columbia in the start of summer (spring). I had this list of “things to do” and […]

The Aphid

September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  Every family generation has one aphid metaphorically. An aphid is basically an insect behavior that demonstrates tropotactic behavior, in which its typically attracted to […]