The Nut-shell (part 4)


My life took a huge leap in terms of my sex life. I’m no longer insecure about ‘fading of the spark’ between me and my boyfriend. Turns out that I had built a huge shell around me and saw the world as black and white, until he arrived in my life to spike things up.

John and I had been staying together for 6 months now. And today happened to be that day when we first moved into this apartment, 6 months ago. As usual, he sent bouquet of red roses to my clinic, early during the day and later called during lunch time. “hey babe, did you get my bouquet??” he said. “You know your Mr. Mcdreamy in my clinic.” I replied with a smile. “Good to know that. But I would like to be The Mcdreamy of my girl.” He said with a naughty tone. “lets decide that over dinner…”. I replied. He(sexy voice) “you mean dessert…Okay I have booked reservation for a surprise restaurant in Seattle.” “I don’t want to waste time in going back an forth. Can we just eat that Chinese take out at home??” I asked. “You know what date is today??” he asked in serious tone. “I know…haven’t forgot that today is our 6 month anniversary.” I replied with confidence. “Your getting better at this babe. Look your already talking like those boring married couple. Its a Friday night. Don’t worry I have plans for us…” He replied with excitement. “Okay then. later babe’s.”I replied. “Wear something that’s easy to take off. I’ll pick you up at 7. Bye love you.” with that he hung up and I was left with a smile.

I heard steps approaching to the door and keys cracking into the keyhole to open the door. I was just finishing final touches on my rose pink lip color. John, entering “Honey…”. “I’m here…” I replied combing my hair over my black dress with deep open back. Seeing my open back facing him, he said “You look like black forest temptation…your not wearing bra…”. I turned towards him and said “you wanted ‘easy to take off’…” He trying to lean towards me “We do this all the time here. I thought you didn’t like boring…” (sarcastically)I said trying to stop him. He grabbed my butt and planted a kiss quickly. After having a deep kiss and ruining my lipstick he said “Appetizer babe’s…don’t worry you’ll have time to reapply that deadly lip color in car. I’m driving.” “I should keep this for the end, like just before we enter a restaurant”. “I like to ruin somethings, and this is one of them.” he replied with a wink.

We reached restaurant had dinner in a private table. I had little too much liquid in my system. I whispered into his ear “I want you to fuck me… like right now, in front of these people”. He looked at me “Your drunk babe..” keeping his hand around me. My hands started to search for his crouch under the table. He came near me and said “Just wait a little…” and kissed me, while taking my hands off his pants gently. He dint wait for the waiter to get the check but we stood up and paid the bill on the desk. Since the restaurant was pretty busy we didn’t get underground parking so had to park on the empty street. I was trying to reach his pants while walking and he trying to avoid that lift me up in his arms. “You know your naughty plum.” he said. reaching at our parked car. he let my feet on the ground and reach out for keys to open the car. Our car was parked next to a wall of a residential building. That wall wasn’t too high and with my high heels I could get a peak of pool on the other side of the wall. “Honey there a pool inside.” I said. “Ya babe. That’s not our property. Get inside the car babe, will you.” He replied with firmness. I still staring towards that pool “I want you to fuck me inside that pool. look here is a floating donut as well.” He lift me up with a smile and heading towards other door of the car, I quickly said “You only said that we are heading towards those boring couple, why not spice things up. I think nobody is there no lights. I even threw a stone in the garden to see if there was any dog but no barking. (giggling) Be a man and lets have sex there.”

He got into the mood and took me towards that wall and helped me climb that wall and I jump to the other side with heels in my hands and then he climbed as well. As soon as he was inside the garden I started unzipping his pants and his underwear and finally reached his penis. I started to lick his penis like a dog would lick bone. He grabbed my head and pushed it towards his penis indicating me to suck his penis. As I started sucking he started to remove his clothes and after some time stood me up started to kiss me heavily and unzip my dress and cupped my breasts with his hands. (Breathing heavily) I “lets get inside.” We both walked few quick steps to reach the pool with our clothes in our hands. Once we reached the pool he said “take off your panties” I replied “why don’t you do that honors..” He took off my panties and signed me to keep quite and started to lick my vagina to make it wet. I was into so much pleasure that I couldn’t resist and moaned a little. He quickly stood up started to kiss me and placed his finger inside my vagina and started fingering. He was doing so intensely that I stopped kissing and said “Just fuck me…”

He then lift me and placed me inside the hole of that floating donut that was beside us in the pool, in such a way that my hands and half legs were out on the inflated side of the donut and rest body was inside water and I could move myself much. I said “what are you doing??”. He replied with lusty eyes “I’m gonna fuck you real hard, stay still.” He came inside the pool where the water level was little below his chest, hold my butt with his hands inside water and placed his erected penis at the opening of my vagina and pushed it hard right inside me. I couldn’t resist and moaned. To which he grabbed his boxers from the sides of the pool and stuffed it in my mouth, looked into my eyes and said “I fucking love you” He started to thrust his penis inside my vagina. If anyone noticed us, all they would see was, me stuck into that inflated donut hole and he standing near me. Once I got use to his pace of fucking me I threw his boxer on the side of the pool. I watched him sweating through those dim lights that traveled through bushes on his face while he was fucking me and my breath became more heavy. I had such intense pleasure and my heart raced so heavily that I spread my legs over the donut sides and pushed him closer with my legs. He whispered to me “Don’t cum now. I want you to cum with me.” His thrust were so hard and really deep inside me that it became hard for me to resist my climax. And I said “I’m about to…” He breathing heavily said “Babe cum with me now, cum with me…” We both cum together. And we both tried to gasped for air before we could say anything to each other. He said “I love you” while he was still inside me. “Honey get me out this donut, its uncomfortable.” He took his penis out of my vagina under water, lifted me out of that donut and kissed me deeply while I crossed my legs over his waist. “That was an awesome one honey..” I replied.

We cleaned ourselves quickly after catching our breath and got out of the pool, put on clothes on our wet body and exited through those small walls quietly. Luckily our sex encounter was undisturbed and thankfully we were not caught.We sat in our car with our wet bodies and I said “I need to take shower when we reach home” He drinking water from the bottle and starting the car said “Yeah, and I’m gonna accompany you there..” I smiled and kissed on his cheek and said “lets get out from here before anyone notice us.” “I should have met you in college. We could have done more kinky stuff like this one.”

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