The Gotham passion:part 2


I love men who cooks food. I find it very appealing and sexy that men can cook food or to say it in terms that its an instant turn on. I hate cooking or lets just say it in a nice way that I’m not a big fan of cooking. I used to run away from people (social aunties) who tried to teach me or more of taunt me regarding cooking. Even during social gathering’s I use to actively take part in hiding myself or in serving food or doing small chores like prepping vegetables, getting water etc etc. And yet ironically, I was married to a man who found his masculine’s in making women cook food for him and bring it to the table. I had just accepted that men who cooks food is just ‘a myth’, in real life they don’t exist. But this fantasy was planted in my mind by my dad and brother, who always appreciated my mom’s cooking and also helped her in cooking food.

Gotham was that fantasy man who actually cooked food. That was the reason I was attracted to that man. The first thought when I learned about his cooking skills was that it would be awesome that I will have plenty of delicious food to eat if I end up with him. You create your own happy bubble when you learn that your crush has something that you desire in the men of your dreams. But off-course life gives ‘pins’ to poke in that lovely bubble. The first pin was he was ‘a little’ younger than me. Lets not get into the numerical’s of age but he was 4-5 years younger than me. Off-course I lived and believed in 21 century, a younger man means good for bed, but thinking of long-term he was Indian, which means his family might not accept this relation and adding fuel to fire, I’m a divorcee. Other thing, I don’t like one thing in this millennial culture, individual’s play lot of games- to drag attention, make jealous etc. Why cant it be simple if you love someone just confront it- end of story. Gotham seemed to be little immature in this terms, which meant a lot of work for me if there was a relationship in future.


The other ‘pin’ was that he smoked like chimney’s. Well I’m not offended by that but chimney’s might give birth to lung cancer in future. But this ‘pins’ could be ruled out through proper communication in a relationship. I wasn’t a person who give up easily but I was just making sure I was well aware of what I’m signing up for. I always preferred to tell my past in a first date to make things crystal clear but also there is no point in telling someone about your past if its just a fling. And from the casual talks that we had up til now I din’t see that he was seriously interested in me that he could see a future with me. I always dropped clear hints to him, clearing that I was only interested in a serious committed relationship. Its the most courageous thing to dive in the pool of dating in a hope to find love again, when your past experience have made you hydrophobic.


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