Game Over (short poem)


I didn’t know the game, as I was a beginner,

In your game of love.

I made a mistake of making you my world,

As I thought I was on the top of my world.

But in fact, I was just a ‘level 1’ for you,

In this game of love.

I thought we were meant for  “happily ever after…”

But you played the game with purpose of erotic entertainment.

I killed my brain and gave my heart to you,

To which, you just interacted like an object on your screen,

For the sake of your entertainment.

You cleared me like you clear levels in your game,

Then you craved for different levels to keep you interest high,

While I struggled to understand your game of  love,

You thought that my game was over,

But baby look, I came back, much stronger, much wiser,

And doing good on my own as I trusted myself,

Now don’t look back, I won’t came back,

As I have suffered enough,

So good luck to you with your game of love.

Maybe some day you might get that right,

How it feels to be in this game of love.

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