Pretend (short poem)


Don’t pretend to be a rose and hang in my life,

When you don’t even feel like being a cactus of my life.

Don’t pretend to be a hero of my life,

When you feel like being a villain.

Don’t pretend like you cared for me,

When actually, I was just a piece of possession.

Don’t pretend like I was your first priority.

When in real, I wasn’t even on your priority list.

Don’t pretend to be the real ‘face’ in my life,

When actually, you are a two faced person.

Don’t pretend that you were there for me every time,

When all you did was fake promises.

Don’t pretend that you took stand for me,

When all you did was to mix in the crowd.

Don’t pretend that you loved me once,

When all you did was taking advantage of my feelings.

Don’t act like I will never know anything,

I knew everything from the beginning, 

but hope that you might change someday.


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