The Wait (part 2)

It was 4:30 am. My eyes opened even without my 5 am alarm. Since I had half an hour to wake up I decided to stay in my bed and think about where my life is going. Its helpful to think good, gives a good start to my day. I was wearing my soft white cotton night shirt in my ultra soft mattress. I just loved my sleep a lot, but more than that I loved my dreams too. 3 months ago I met someone special in an very ordinary place. That guy who skipped my breath after waiting for  2 long years. His name is “John”, he is a guy who calls me every morning to make my morning little noticeable apart from my busy work schedule. He is the person who brings out the importance of little things in my life. Its not that I’m forced to work all day, but I like to make my 24 hours a day ‘productive’. I’m a person who loves to immerse myself in the work that I like. But he reminds me of the little happiness that we can collect in our lives like its good once in a while to take off from work and just do nothing. It helps to rejuvenate our minds. He reminds me that its is necessary to take a good glance at those lovely dark woods and then I leave for the ‘journey of miles to go before I sleep’. For a person like me, who lives for her dreams, may be its good to have such person around my life, to remind me of all the little joys that I can have and should have in my life with him.

I’m a dentist by profession, owner of a practice in a small town near Vancouver. I stay in proper Vancouver work in my practice with fellow associates for 20 days a month and rest 10 days I spend my time as a freelance writer. So, I do a lot of travelling across the province as dentist and also to United States as a freelance writer. Dentistry is my profession, but writing is my hobby, which one day I aspire to also make it as a profession. I do not make 6 figures salary as a freelance writer but I’m happy for the decent work and cash that I’m getting along. I wish to open my own publishing firm one day to give a platform to all those writer like me who do put a lot of their effort even when there is not enough cash in, because they want their story to be heard by people. I’m 27 years old and wish to travel the world, know the secrets of the universe, know the reason why we came to this planet, reach the stage of sahastradhara chakkra (deeper connection with ourselves and deeper connection with the force of life that is greater than ourselves). I have so much to achieve in my life and so much to run after my dreams, John is the person that brings a stability in my life. We have been seeing each other for 3 months now, serious about each other and wish to see our future together.

While I was lost in my thoughts, my alarm and my phone both rang at the same time. Its John’s call, he is always on time. Even if I fail to pick up he would leave a pleasant voicemail for call back. So, I picked up the call with my one hand and stopped the ringing alarm from the other hand. “Good morning..” I said. A calm voice came from the other end said “Good morning, honey. Seems like someone is already up…” he replied. “yes, thinking about me… and us…” I replied hesitatingly. “Well that’s a good news, at least your thinking about ‘us’…I know your a strong person, but its no harm in expressing your feelings to the person who you love…” He replied. I just didn’t know how to answer that sentence. “Don’t worry, you don’t need to answer that now…” He added. “So tell me what time you would be done at clinic today??” “Around 6 pm why??” I asked. “Reach home and get ready, I’m sending a dress for you…I gotta go now dear…bye miss you.” he hung up the phone before I could ask anything. Its 5 am here so it must be 6 am in Calgary, he must be getting late for work. I try really hard to act normal in front of him but some how he senses the suppressed emotions inside me. Its hard to find someone who makes you comfortable with your hidden and unexpressed emotions. He is giving me surprise by showing up here tonight, that’s why he was quick and hung up the phone. My apartments door bell rang and I checked through the security camera of downstairs and its was a Canada Post mail guy. I wore my flipp-flops and ran downstairs to receive it. He handed me a packet, took my signature and went off. I was holding a box of an Amazon product ordered by Pandell company which is the company where John works as software developer. I went upstairs in my apartment and quickly opened the box to find an ocean blue dodger dress along with blue long earrings. Is he gonna propose me tonight?? No, probably not. He is an understanding and smart person. He knows how not to loose me. Besides every time he was the one not to rush into these things and taking time to be comfortable. I don’t think he is going to propose tonight. Might be feeding the idea about it but not propose. We just have been dating each other for 3 months and that too long distance. Every 20 days we meet each other, either he comes up or I do. We haven’t even kissed once during this time and neither did he insisted in any physical contact. He is doing something special this time for you, you should let it loose a little bit this time, Catherine. You have feelings for him, its time to express this time. And he has been patient all this time. Whatever happened in your past don’t let it ruin this beautiful relation. My phone beeped reminding me to start my day and I came out from my thoughts to start my day.

While driving back from my clinic, I received a call from him. “hello” I said while putting the call on speaker in my car. “Have you reached home??” he said. “Almost… 10 more minutes.” I replied. “How was your day???” he asked. “Busy as usual. I had two difficult root canal treatment cases,  and a guy with un-usual swelling to be diagnosed and rest other cases. How was yours??” I asked. “Hustling… I’m assigned in two more projects, one of them is Hugh.. I might move regarding that…” He said in an unusual tone. “So, that’s good news right??” I asked. “Just come home. We will discuss that later.” He replied impatiently. “Are you in the apartment already???” I asked. “You never let me give a chance to surprise you…” He replied with a smile. We had exchanged keys of our apartments so that when we visit each other we can stay at respective places . But he has never taken advantage of that and nor did I. I quickly parked my car in the underground parking and took elevator straight to my apartment.  When I opened the door he was sitting on the sofa wearing a blue suit working something on laptop. He looked into my eyes with a smile and I got lost for a second in those blue calm eyes once again. I kept my car keys and lunch bag on the kitchen island closed the door and headed forward towards him. He kept is laptop aside and stood up for me and before giving anymore seconds to my thoughts I hugged him. I just didn’t wanted any more seconds thoughts to stop me from hugging him. I just wanted to feel the touch of his body over mine. Hugging someone tells you what kind of energy they are passing you directly. I felt calmness while hugging him. I stretched my arms around his back hugging him tightly and then he slowly put his arms around my waist in response. It felt like time just stopped and I could hear his breath. I never heard someone breathing so close to me for such a long time, apart from my patients where I  have to put my hands into their mouth. I could hear his heart beat rising as I leaned my head on his chest. I could also hear my breath rising by hearing his heart beat. Its a wonderful feeling to know that your presence can raise someone’s heart beats. We both remained silent for a while enjoying each other’s closeness. After couple minutes, he broke the silence and said ” I just hate to say this, but you need to get ready honey, we need to leave…” I raised my head and looked into his eyes, gathering the courage to say him ‘I love you’. “Just hold on a little longer what you want to say and go get ready, dear. We need to leave…” He said with a smile, planting a kiss on my forehead.

 I went inside my room to quickly take a shower, washing my hair, while he waited for me outside in the hall. I came out after 20 minutes with the blue dress, blue earrings, light make up and wet hairs. I tried to blow dry my hair but kept little wet  to appeal him. He looked at me and said “Wow…your are so beautiful…I’m just the luckiest guy on earth…” I just smiled back. He drove me closer into his arms and kept looking into my eyes. “You seem to develop comfort in my arms…you should stay in forever…” I felt on top of the world hearing this. The person for whom I had feelings is appreciative of my presence. “I’m really glad that I have you around…what would have I done without you John…I love you…” I just gathered my vocals and just said it out. His eyes were widened for a second and he quickly replied “I was dying to hear this my love…I love you too…” We just hugged each other once again tightly. This time I raised my head to bring my lips close to his and planted a kiss on his lips. It felt like a spark when my lips touched his. I just stopped there and he took the lead my digging deep inside. Our tongue touched each other inside our mouth and our lips locked. He used both his hands to feel the shape of my body while I gently grabbed his head under my hands while kissing. The whole moment building up was so intense that we lost our sense for seconds and immersed ourselves into kissing. He pressed his hand into my hips and I was brought back to my senses after a while trying to catch my breath I just paused, while he too catches his breath. I said after normalizing my breath “you ruined my lipstick…”  going near my bedroom mirror to finish up my makeup. He stared at me while I did my lipstick again and said ” I love you, I just love you…lets take a trip, where we can be together…” I replied while looking him through mirror “where??” He came closer and grabbed my waist from behind and said “I was suppose to tell you this after the dinner but I couldn’t resist myself, My new project is in Seattle and the company will provide me apartment in Surrey to come back an forth, so move in with me. I would love to have you, to see you and to touch you every day.” I was surprised and turned around and kept my arms around his shoulder to look into his eyes, trying to be normal “But we were talking about the trip?? what about my clinic then?? Wouldn’t it be far for me??” “Well, we will take the apartment that is closer to your clinic so you don’t have to spend time in driving. But at least we can be together and see each other everyday. Unless you have something else going in your mind…” He said the last sentence in a nervous tone. I replied “That’s a good idea, but I will keep this apartment as well.” “Fair enough, darling” he said smiling. “what about the trip you were saying??” I asked. “Yes, I will be starting this project by the first week on next month and the last weekend of this month is a long weekend, So since your clinic will also be closed I was wondering if we could go somewhere near for the weekend…” He said. I bringing my mouth closer to his ear, whispered in his ear “Yes, I would love to come with you…” He got excited and came closer to kiss me again to which I shyly resisted with a smile and said “We need to leave now…”

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