The Honeymoon phase (part 3)

I woke up in the early morning, in a yacht bedroom, naked with an empty wine bottle next to my bed. My head was just bursting with the last nights hangover, what a fun party it was last night. I was in the Atlantis Marina in Bahamas. John took me to premier yacht trip for the long weekend.  Speaking of the devil, I couldn’t find him in the room. It was the last day in the yacht. I needed some clothes to wear to get out of bed and out of the room to get some fresh air. I tried spreading my hands in the dark room to find something to wear, but there was nothing that I could hold on to. So, I decided to get out as it is. It was  still dark and I don’t think  any stranger would be there in this private yacht, which is far away from the ground and nothing but dolphins squeaking far  into the waters. I stepped out of the room and gentle fresh air touched my body. It felt like a cold rose just touched my bare skin, gentle yet little cold. I still could hear the squeaking of those dolphins into the waters. My head just felt relaxed by experiencing all this. I started to wonder how my physical life turned out from barren land to blooming garden. John had asked me last night before I was getting drunk if I wanted to have sex him. He didn’t wanted to take advantage of me getting drunk . We had been on this yacht for 2 days and yesterday was the time when we finally had sex. Until then, we use to sleep together, cuddle together but no sex. We spend time by fishing, , snorkeling, reading book together and watching movie after having dinner in bed. Pressure was building up  about the physical part, as opposite poles attracted each other strongly, Last night was the crazy one.

Our relationship was in the Honeymoon phase right now. We took a trip together to Bahamas, moved in a apartment in Surrey. We got to know each other a lot during these weekend. He just loves fishing, I’m a Vegan and neither does he like fish  that much, but it was the way he bonded to his grandfather. So, we use to catch fish without hurting them too much, actually feed them and then would release them back into the waters. I learned that he was close to his grandfather and was devastated during his death. His mother just left the family one morning to be a nun when he was 10 and never heard from her since then. He was raised by a gentleman. He had an elder sister which was living in States with her boyfriend. He is more bonded to his sister then his dad. His dad remarried and the ‘new’ mother was not a nice person towards them. He just opened up towards me. Opening yourself emotionally towards someone is a sign of commitment. I was still a reserved person in terms of disclosing such personal stuff. But he never forced me to disclose my life’s story. He just said that he was ready to wait until I was ready. “He isn’t like those Jujube’s  Catherine, which are beautiful outside but sour inside. that person is the one whose going to stick with you. You have entered into a long-term relationship, the one that actually lasts if you give the same input too” said my thoughts.

While I was lost in my thoughts, something really soft touched my body from behind. It was John, covering my body with bathrobe. I looked back turning my head towards my shoulder and our lips touched. “Why are you up early morning?? How’s your hangover honey?? You had way too much wine last night” I just smiled a little.”Had a bad dream??” he just hold my waist from behind. “No, just…”, “shh… when I saw you from behind through the door, you looked like a beautiful mermaid and your bare golden body reflecting the gentle sun-rays for the rising sun… last night was the most amazing night of my life honey…you were so open and comfortable with me…” I just turned towards him and just hugged him. He covered my body with the bathrobe and took me to the room. We laid on the soft bed and he seemed like he could use some more sleep. I lay my head on his chest and caress his chest with my hand. “Do you recall anything from last night??” He asked. “Yes, I remember most of things…” “like??” He asked in a soft tone. I replied “that you asked for my consent, and that you penetrated deep inside me, that you gave me the satisfaction of being in bed with you, that I was so crazy drunk that night that I fell of the yacht and you jump right into the water for me…” He said laughingly “You remember that?? You were so drunk Catherine, good I was there with you…” I replied “I don’t drink that much when I’m alone…I did because I knew you were there to handle me.”  I replied by looking into his eyes. Listening to this he just looked right into my eyes and said “This seems to be straight from your heart…” Without saying anything I just locked our lips. To which he responded gently. I rolled on top of him and my bare body started to rub against his while kissing. He started to spread his hands around my body to feel me, got hold of my boobs and gently started to squeeze them. I could feel the erection of his shaft as it rubbed against my genitals, while kissing. I was all wet by this time, my breath was heavy. I hold his shaft in my hand and guided to penetrate deep inside me. We both moaned a little. I started to squat while he slayed down straight and enjoyed the view of my bouncing busts. My breath became more and more heavy, felt like I was working out a lot, but with immense pleasure. After a few minutes I collapsed on his body, trying to catch my breath, “you need to come up, I’m tired…” I said catching my breath. We quickly shifted positions while he was still inside me. Now he was on top of me and I was enjoying the view. He started his thrusts faster in a steady pace. I just couldn’t resist the pleasure and started moaning and breathing heavily. He kept increasing the thrust as he was about to ejaculate. Finally, he ejaculated and leaned down on my body, breathing heavily. I spread my hand on his back and tried to pat gently and rolled my hands into his hair. After catching our breaths, he laid on side of the bed and said ” We did it without condom…are you on pill…” “Why? your scared of pregnancy…” I questioned. To which he looked straight into my eyes and said “I would love you to be the mother of my child, but only when your ready…” I was just shocked by what he just said. “What was that??” I asked. He smiled and went inside the bathroom to clean up. I curiously followed him, cleaned up and dragged him inside the bed again, leaning above those pillows.  “You know we had 3 times light night…” He said trying to avoid the talk about what just came out from his mouth. “I do remember it was more than once…” I replied. I just kept looking onto his face for any sort of reaction. To which he said “You know what your problem is..that your too hard on yourself… you don’t even let yourself believe that  you want me…You create too many walls around yourself that its getting hard for me to come in…” I asked “If you know this much…why are you still here???” I replied ” Because I just can’t let you build those walls honey…I love you”

I was scared of this honeymoon phase getting over and the fading of our love and the disappearance of ‘that spark’ between us. But somehow those words that came out form his mouth re-assured me that he will still be there for me, even after this phase is gone.

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