That “drug” (short poem)

I was living that normal teenage life,

One day, you came in my life like ‘an experiment’,

An experiment that we teenager’s think is adventurous,

But actually its an invitation for ‘that drug’.

I was excited how this “experiment” would turn out,

And it did turn out pretty good initially,

I was so lost in that good time, that I lost the ability to see what’s real,

I started to feel the ‘acid trip’ of  your drug,

You made me paralyzed only to see how incomplete I was without you,

Those lysergic hallucinations felt like an intense bliss, that I dwelt in them forever,

Until the comedown entered, and I was brought down to the fact,

That you were just ‘that drug’ who just passed through my life,

I still had the afterglow of your drug,

When in reality, you were like ‘that drug’ for me which I never tried,

But was always hallucinated by it…




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