Women are creative whereas, men on the other hand, metaphorically are skeptic beings. They need a believer in their life to know their capabilities and explore their abilities. So, when a woman decides to stay with a man she needs to decide how far she can to go to “work” on him. By work I don’t mean the other type of work, but I mean how far she can go to be creative and evolve something good in him. There is this famous proverb saying – “behind every successful man there is a woman.” Now this woman could be – a mother, a sister or a wife. 99% (exception is always there) is the wife as she is the only one who is going to stay with him for the rest of his life. In this modern world, girlfriend could also be a relatable term to ‘wife’. So here I would like to share 5 WAYS TO WORK ON YOUR MAN:


I think more girls should involve themselves into creativity. It could be either painting, pottery, sketching etc. Because this process of being creative helps you establish patience to wait till the end of the creation of masterpiece, excitement of creating something new, believer to have faith in their creation, courage to keep it in front of the world, strong enough to protect the ideas that lead to the creation. So, work on you man creatively like a potter shows its art of pottery. Physiologically speaking, women are creative beings, they have the ability to create a living individual from their own body -something that is miraculous.


Now many women don’t understand this statement accurately. Don’t see your future in him because we live in this modern world, women have their dreams and carrier (obviously). Don’t make him the center of your world, because you have your own identity, personal space and making him the center would lead you to identity crisis. Its good to love someone but its better to love yourself too. Seeing a future with him leads to personal space for each partner (like dreams and carrier) and increase respect for each other. But first one needs to find out whether the man your dating/relation is worth giving your time and energy.



Now that’s very important step in any relationship with any gender. We always like people who encourage us to try something new, don’t let us give up when something doesn’t work the way we thought or are just there for us.  Now there are some men who are reluctant towards change. I have dated some, so the best thing for such behavior is to give them time, by time I don’t mean that you should just be sitting, looking at the hands of clock. Work on yourself, your life, your dreams and give him time to realize that you changed for something you believed in, so should they.



Everyone has flaws. Nobody is dam perfect. Not even you. So, if you can see flaws in him, just remember you have flaws too. We always forgot this thing and blame them as if having that one flaw was the only bad thing in this world. Most of the cases, not all mostly its – male ego. Like a good teacher always finds a creative way to work on flaws rather than just pointing it out. Now you would think that it’s a lot of work, well no good thing is ever made in this world without putting effort. Remember its your man, if you don’t work, someone else is going too. Try to bring out creative ways to counteract with his flaws. Giving a hope and believing in him and confronting your beliefs to him is a really good start. See through the perception of a creator not a dictator.


Many relationships end making an individual wiser. Its because the other partner gave up on them too soon. Believe in him. Our thoughts are like sun rays when concentrated they illuminate. So, concentrate your thoughts in believing him, that he will change his flaws not just on complaining that he is going to be the same for the rest of his life and you would have to compromise instead. But in the end -a smart woman will know when to hold on and when to let go.

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