When I finally met you

I carried this hope, in the corner pocket of my mind,

That someday I will meet someone, that just feels right.

I prepared myself for “the day”, by hustling through the darkness,

With a strong belief that I hoped would be just right,

We become a person that we think, and we think of what we hope.

I took a leap of faith and realized how beautiful life could be with you,

When I finally met you…

Extract:  When I finally me you, I realized that I was right. All that hopes that I carried along, that felt stupid and impractical at that moment were 100% right. we become a person that we think. I was a person who would spent the present time preparing for the future, so that I’m prepared when it arrives. So, I spend a whole year after my breakup focusing on amplifying my hope that there are good people out there in the world and I just have to find it. To be honest, I was 75% prepared, the rest 25% was still under construction. When but I met you, I did not wait to complete that 25% but instead took a leap of hope that everything would turn out great. And it did turn out great. Having you in my life was the best thing that could have happen to me.


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