They say life is uncertain. That implied to ancient times when man hunted for food and life. But in modern world, even if we don’t live in jungle, more civilized, earn for living – there is still a lot of uncertainty in our lives.  Today I’m going to talk about the uncertainty that a lot of people live within foreign countries in a hope of better future and lifestyle.

I’m a girl from small town, but not with big dreams. I had simple dreams in life wanted a simple living, simple lifestyle and simple marriage, probably in or near my hometown. But life wanted something else from me. I got married to this guy who wasn’t a good person, our marriage fell apart and I moved to a foreign country after my divorce just to get the hell out from this patriarchy society. I didn’t think about settling there, but life wanted something different from me there. I came to this country and quickly got adapted to the system enough to become self sufficient. And like every student I began to try to find jobs related to the residency, basically trying to settle. I worked two jobs during my college times to support my tuition fees so that I don’t have to get money from back home. I never spend even a cent on coffee at Tim Hortons or anything else just to save money while others were busy partying and having fun. I used to do customer service job at Sears and night shifts of stocking clothes at Superstore. Life was really a struggle at that point. I had many friends from college but I had made myself very clear as to what type of person I wanted to become. Like my other friends I didn’t wasted my time in partying and just enjoying life.

Life was a hell lot of uncertain at that point. I worked the whole day to make money only to save and spend on immigration cost. During the whole summer, I worked and didn’t had time to enjoy summer with my family. I only liked the day of my pay check, just like the feeling of seeing my hard-earned money in the account. like any other student, I was under a lot of stress about the immigration. The thought of not getting the residency in spite of doing everything I could and following the immigration rules accurately, was just dark and empty. I couldn’t mix the with people of the local culture there because I was constantly occupied by the stress of immigration and had to work all day just to save money. I didn’t involve much in our traditional functions as to I had to manage time with school and jobs. I always wondered how my life would be If I was born there. I wondered how the life of people who are born there would be, as they didn’t have to worry about saving money for education as government paid for their schooling, for higher education their parents supported them. The only need where they did odd jobs like us was just to have their pocket money. Isn’t it a good feeling that one does not have to worry about being kicked out of the country at any point?? Isn’t it wonderful that one gets to stay and get knowledge from such a wonderful education system?? I always felt disheartened as to people who got the opportunity to take advantage of the education system, didn’t wanted to study where as people like us who actually wanted to study didn’t got a chance because we were stuck in this immigration system. Life was hard at that point, it is still hard and will be hard, but after I received my residency, I was happy and grateful for the struggle I made and things that I learned during the process.

There are still many people in other foreign countries who live decades of their life in such uncertainty and stress of the immigration process. Decades of their lives are spend trying to adapt the culture where they live with their cultural origin. People think that its easy to come to any country, settle down and get married just because someone posts happy pictures with beautiful places on Facebook. But that’s not the truth. Life of people who go to foreign countries in search of better future is really hard and lot of struggle. So next time if you come around beautiful pictures on Facebook think twice before coming to a judgement that ‘their lives are beautiful’ as they might have taken this pictures after a hell lot struggle and living below standards just to take a small trip with huge expenses.


They spend their lives in uncertainty and a sense of lack of belonging. A person needs at least some kind of society to find his/her belonging. Its a nice feeling to be able to relate to or be able to recognize as a part of something that is bigger than you. That feeling surpass stress and depression. Some specified countries have already declared and made it crystal clear about ‘no immigration‘ system. So people work their there for specified time based on work permits or work visa and earn money and happily go back to their country with that earn income. It also effects their personal life and relationships. People, specially males have to face this problem in their personal life too. They cannot built healthy long-term relationship with people from the foreign countries because, in this practical world everyone would think twice before getting into a relation with a person who’s life is uncertain in this country. So, they try to settle with individual from there cultural origin, which is also difficult. For example, in Indian culture females are dependent on spouse and expected to cook food. But if you marry someone from Indian origin in foreign country they are more independent and refuse to cook all the time due to work. This could bring stress in a relationship or a marriage. Now marrying a girl from ‘back home’ could also be a stress for both of them, as she would need time to adjust with the lifestyle in foreign country where as spouse may not find them as attractive as females from that country, or parental pressure of marrying only ‘an Indian girl’ could also face similar problem. So the uncertainty in which many immigrant people live is vast but an ‘unspoken’ term.

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