I was in lying in my bed in deep sleep. My head was in the middle of a soft fluffy pillow carrying a soft braid on each side. My body laid under a comfortable bedcover and had a soft blanket over me. I had my “pinky”-a soft pink colored stuffed bear toy under one of my arms, softly hugging him. The ceiling of my room had radiant stars and moon hanging on it and sweet lullaby. Suddenly my sleep was disturbed by a very weird sound of propeller’s hustling to complete their cycle. But my body was so frozen that it convinced my brain to stop over-reacting and go back to sleep. Couple hours later (felt like ages later), I was awakened by the sounds of people rushing here and there, water filling into the spaces. I woke up hustled out from that comfortable blanket, still in half sleep – rubbing my eye with one hand and holding pinky on other, walked towards the door, leaving behind my sleep. With my foggy eyes I found people hustling in the big corridor and the yellow blinking lights of the corridor. I opened my eyes wide to see clearly what exactly was happening. “I was at my maternal uncle’s house. But this looks like some kind of boat.” “I should go out and check where exactly I’m.” “everyone is just running, nobody is even looking at me.” Quickly finding my way out, I went from the corridor to find exit. While walking I saw the open doors of the rooms passing by, which felt similar. “Wait, this rooms are all the exact same room, just like my room.” I slowed down to peek in one of the rooms. And to my surprise I saw younger self of me, with two small ponytails on each side, trying to walk with my wooden walker in that room. God, I was so much in love with that walker at that moment. For some reason I wasn’t able to enter the room. I waited for the younger one to look at me, but she did not. It seemed like this place was set up in a 3-dimensional structure and each cell expressed moments of my life, which can only be felt but not touched.

               “How is this possible??” My heart had now started to beat faster. “I’m pretty much sure that I was at my uncle’s house last night. Mom was sleeping next to me. Everyone was present in the house. Where are they??”  I realized that I was lost in my thoughts and had stopped walking. I looked down at my feet only to find the floor shaking. That gave a kick start to my feet and I started running following the exit signs, holding my pinky tightly. I reached the main exit door that said “entry to the deck”. I opened the giant door with my both little hands, crushing pinky’s hand tightly against the door, with and all strength. I saw a big chaos of people running for their life. Guards trying to load people in the life-boats and loading the boats into the sea. I stepped little further out to see why people are going away from the ship.

                On the other end of the ship, huge flames of fire covered the larger area. The shape of the flames appeared as wings of Keres (Goddess of violent death). Her eyes were fierce red, her wings were huge like flames of fire, grabbing the souls from the bodies of deceased ones. The scene was very dreadful, awful and fearful. The flames were so huge that it went so high, making almost impossible for me to see the sky. There was smoke all around. I saw fear of death in their eyes. I went into a shock of fear and at that point everything went frozen in front of me. Everything stopped moving – the people, the smoke, the flames, the sound. My hand lost the grip of pinky and it fell on the ground. “Where m I. Where is my family. Are they all dead??” Tears filled my eyes. I started crying by leaning my hands over my knees. I noticed pinky lying over the ground. “Wait a minute. I’m too old to play with that stuff toy. That’s from my childhood. Why m I dressed like a small child. M’I in a dream??”

               I bend a little down to look myself into the small puddle of water just ahead of me. I saw younger face of myself in the reflection. “There is no way a small body like this can move that giant door to the deck. Am I in a dream?” I wiped my tears and said to myself – “If this is a dream, nobody is actually dying. And my family is safe and sound somewhere…” I turned back to take a view of the ship and it exactly looked like my uncle’s house- three storey building with a small terrace on top, just in a shape of a ship. My eyes drew attention towards my maternal grandparent’s room lights, as if a shadow just moved. “I think they are stuck in their room. I should go and help.” I grabbed my pinky and hustled through the crowd to find a way up to their room. I was passing through this corridor and the yellow lights started to dimmed and finally went off. Since the corridor wasn’t familiar my feet stopped moving. “I need to find a way.” Just then into the darkness I saw a small blue light as if trying to guide me. With out wasting time I just followed the light and it lead me to a staircase with an open door at the other end. Before I could think anything, I saw cracks developing on the side walls and drops of water leaking through those cracks.


I just rushed and climb the stairs to reach inside the door. As soon as I entered I felt the calmness in this room. The room was filled with silence. Blinded by this calmness, I came back to my senses to find my grandparent’s sleeping quietly and peacefully in this quiet bed. I went nearer to the bed and saw their eyes closed and both of them tucked into the blanket. Before I think of anything I saw that my grand-mother opened her eyes calmly and hold my hand “You’re here, my dear…” “I’m here to take you guys to a safer place.” I said. “That’s very thoughtful of you. You’re a brave kid.” Saying this she turned her head the other way and said “But our time has come…” she said.  I looked in the direction where she was looking. I saw Thanatos (God of non-violent death)- old beard man with his wings wide open and a wreath on his head, standing on the other side of bed gently holding my grandfather and extending his other hand to touch my grandmother. I was the last person to be on the sinking ship of my grandparents.

            I woke up from this dream, finding myself in the original body form and in the same bed that I daily sleep. I have lost my grandparents long time back and may be they came in my dream to give there blessings and remind me that I should stay strong in tough times.















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