The Pressure

All of us at one point carry some type of pressure in life. Pressure for performing good in exams, pressure for establishing good career etc. But today I would like to specifically focus on types of pressure women go through in their lives. I have special corner in my heart for females as they go through a lot of changes in their life.

First, they have the pressure of ‘how to behave like a girl/woman in society‘, which is everyone’s all time favorite pressure. Girls, specially in Indian culture and in many other under-developing countries with cultural origins are always taught that they have to behave and act in a certain way so that they can be representable in the society and culturally acceptable. Females there always have to face a conditional situation, where if they perform accordingly they will be rewarded (in this case acceptable). It feels like they are basically creating soldiers. The only difference between war and this situation is that there soldiers fight for their own country, while here soldiers fight for someone else family, not the one who trained them. Isn’t that logically controversial??? Some trainers are kind enough to think about these soldiers and give them specially training apart from their regular curriculum i.e. education, self-independence etc. While others just give them basic training and send them to other family to fight for the other party. Isn’t the society racist and unequal for having specific long list of rules for females and not so much rules for males?? What happened if we don’t teach our girls to act in a certain way to be more representable to society…what if we didn’t thought so much about the society…what if we changed our perception and try to see girls as normal human being who can have dreams and aims instead of just soldiers…


Secondly,  they have the pressure of ‘how can my girl get a good marriage proposal’ It feels like its some kind of competition, where the best will get the job, the best will get the marriage, the best will get husband. Have we ever taught our children to see what kind of prize they are going to get when they perform their best??? When I was small my parents always used to convince me to do what they want by offering me something that I loved too much. But here these rabbits (girls) run the race for something they don’t even know if they would like it or not. No one wants to get so and so education just to sit home and make ‘perfect round rotis‘, no one is interested taking effort to get that hard earned degree just to stay home, no one wants to get a foreign educational experience and broaden their perspective if they have to sit home and accept one-sided perspective of in-laws. A women has to get best education, best job, high wage salary…all this for just that ‘perfect round rotis‘….that’s so much in contradiction and in a way foolish. People need to start seeing their daughters as human being not some kind of parcel that needs to bounced from their home to some unknown place.

Third and last, they have the pressure of ‘the ticking biological clock‘. This is the biggest and frustrating pressure. It feels like you are a sandwich between your dreams/career and the child. Not that they don’t want to be mother but why can’t we let them finish their dreams/career before being a mother… why we want them to suffer and struggle all the time…why can’t we be gentle on them…And not every female wants to be an early mother, not every females want to be a mother. Medical science has so much advanced that females have the freedom to be mother even in their 30’s, 40’s. They can freeze their eggs and fertilized them when they want or find a suitable partner. And if you don’t find a partner in time, you can always get a ‘sperm donar‘ and be a single mother, once your financially independent. Science has advanced so such an extent, why can’t we advance our perception just a little… Once and for all, why can’t we come out from our old perception and just try to look through their perception…


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