The moment I question my self existence,

The moment I felt my body useless, worthless, piece of shit,

The moment I convinced myself that it never happened,

Or it never happened the way I think,

The moment I started to question whether it was real or just an imagination,

The moment my fears reached their maximum level,

The moment my fears had no longer power on me,

The moment I stood up for myself and confronted,

That was the moment of change…


They are dirty, ugly and painful – shallow people

They are different – family/friends

They are there for a reason – false self

They remind me what I have been through – true self

They remind of mistakes that were made — criticize

They remind of things that were learned – adult ego

They remind of the type of person I have become – child ego

Extract: its about how scars are perceived through different perspectives. Different perspective generally come form different individuals. But here I would like to depict different perspective of just one individual. Starting with general statement of individuals, the second line indicates the perception of family/friends who would try to make us believe that there could be a different positive perspective that is yet to be discovered from these scars. Coming to different types of self in an individual. False self is the one that tries to make us see positive perspective despite of abnormal environmental conditions. Where as, the true self is the one that shows us the actual condition. Adult ego is the one that process information based on facts. Child ego is the one that shows us the creativity and the direct way of perceiving the world.






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