I’m not a big fan of the flights or travel diaries. I don’t know how people could travel so often through flight travels. While growing up I was very much excited about the travel in flights and we usually did travel by either bus/train or public transit. And in the beginning domestic travel did made me satisfied and happy as it was considered a royal service that not everybody could afford during that period. But since I first traveled through international flights the journey felt more ‘never-ending’, tiring and full of hustle.

My first domestic travel was from Ahmedabad to Coimbatore. I had googled about every hustle before boarding my flight, about the ear pressure, the feeling of nausea, not to fill your stomach too much so that your chances of puking are minimal, keep your boarding pass handy etc. Later I became an expert in how to take maximum items in my luggage like stuffing my purse/hand bag with everything that I could not fit in checking baggage, like many other individuals.

My first international flight travel was from India to Canada. My route was via Brussels. As everyone could guess that I was a travelling student from my luggage. I attracted many unwanted student travelers for no good reason. One of individual that I met was a pure Gujarati guy with a pure desi accent. He had a very common Gujarati name but I was not interested in remembering it. He came upfront and confronted with his fears of traveling with (tobacco) products which his friends had asked him to bring with him. I couldn’t guess whether he was an innocent guy or a dumb guy, who willingly brings such stuffs with him under no pressure and then confronts his fear of getting caught to a complete stranger like me. He also insisted to take a seat next to me through the whole route which I smartly denied. I couldn’t make out whether he did this because he was scared or interested in me. That was a whole new experience, when you have to talk to that one irritating person through the whole long-haul flights.

The most frustrating feeling during the long-haul flights is the duration in the flight. The feeling of being trapped in the box-like metal structure. The feeling of your thoughts being empty and finding no space for them to travel. It’s ambivalent feeling of dampness and weirdness. Feeling damp because your stuck in this metal box and weirdness and scary as you know that outside those metal layered structure there is just air and nothing else. And also not to forget the hustle of connections waiting time, the jetlag, luggage transfer etc. I really hope that one day mankind would find out some new technology where we don’t have to go through this hustle.

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