Bungee Jump


We went for a small vacation to British Columbia in the start of summer (spring). I had this list of “things to do” and it included bungee jump. Whistler, BC was a place known for bungee jump, zip line and many more adventurous activities. I have done some adventurous activities that were in my list before like river rafting, camping etc. which gave me good experience and some bad from which I learned things. But this experience was a special one as I found a way to release some of my jammed emotions through this activity. It sounds weird right, but it actually happened.

It was a really nice sunny day. We headed to whistler from surrey as we stayed in surrey through Airbnb. I had booked my time for the bungee jump through online, as one need to book an appointment for that they just don’t take it as walk-in unless it’s a slow day. They gave us an address to reach. We reached like two hours before the time. Since we had a very light breakfast by the time we reached there I was hungry. And since I had to bungee jump I didn’t want anything heavy in my stomach so that I wont puke during the activity. So, we surfed a restaurant near that address and I had a quick small dessert, just to give my brain a kick start so that I wont faint while doing that. And we finally reached the place.

Frankly speaking, I was hell scared and anxious for the jump. The night before I had imagined myself like 1000 times in that situation, after watching 100 videos online for bungee jump. We are always afraid of the unknown. In our mind we always imagine the worst situation for the unknown, which is unhealthy for our mind. Its like those junk foods that we feed to our body just for the satisfy our taste buds. Imagining the worst situation is like that junk food that we feed our mind just to satisfy and demonstrate our control over situations. Fear is a choice, so I had trained my mind through practice to see the unknown as an opportunity of something good, to be just open to the experience – good or bad. If its good I would enjoy if its bad I will learn.

When we reached at the given address, parked the car and I saw a bridge above us through the trees and someone jumping and enjoying the experience. We went up the bridge checked ourselves in. I tied my hairs, removed all the jewelry, submitted my phone and watch and reached the place. The guy started tying me up with those black thick belts and started a conversation. “is it your first time??” I replied “yes”. “you seem so calm I thought you must have done in past. Where are you from??”. I replied “OH, I m scared trust me. We drove from surrey.” “your so calm. I don’t believe that its your first time.” He said by completing the tying process. The other guy tied a spring surrounded by sponge like thing on my upper part of stomach. I removed my shoes and the guy asked me to follow the walkway to the end and turn back facing him, which I did. Reaching the end, I saw a river flowing from a remarkable height. I turned back to see him. He holds my hands and guided me to tip my foot towards the edge of the cliff. He gave the instructions and asked to look the side where photographs were taken of me by the lady. He then slowly and gently left my hands and gave a gentle push.

His action of leaving my hands and gently pushing, exposed my emotions of being left out. I experienced those emotions again which I had buried deep inside my mind. Where I was left out by people, people that I loved once more than myself. That feeling of low self-esteem, self-confidence. Not being able to stand up for yourself. People making fun of me and I believing them. It just all came back to me. My eyes were open and I saw that guy and couple others watching me fall. It felt like my dream where I’m falling but for some reason not able to reach the ground. I started to think “when m I going to feel a jerk or something called ground??”  then I realized that this wasn’t a dream anymore and I’m taking the experience of the jump. “I should let go all the recreation of this emotions/dreams and just enjoy the weightlessness, no gravity feels.”  And that was the movement I felt the jerk of being tied to the spring, it bounced back like a pendulum on the other end and again I felt “no gravity” for couple seconds, and it continued until I was stable after couple minutes. They threw a rope down towards me with a clutch so that I can tie it to my black belts and they can lift me up. When I was being lifted up, I looked down to see the water running calmly in the river with sun rays reflecting through it make it look like tiny shiny diamonds. My mind was a peace as I had learned to let go trapped emotions and actually for the first time enjoyed the feeling of being “weightlessness”. And that was the moment I evolved…

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