I woke up to a morning with a numb mind with no thoughts. For a creative person its hard to digest that no thoughts run around the corners of mind. May be the effect of little too much of wine last night. I realized that I slept last night with an outwear dress on and it smelt like some pungent seafood. I rushed into the bathroom and washed myself out with those last night smells and the blankness of my mind, washed my smooth light brown streaks of hair with a lavender flavored shampoo.  Usually after a bath I identify myself with a definitive   perfume but this time I skipped that as I was looking to enlight my senses.

I locked my hotel room and ran downstairs with my wet curly hair out of the hotel, only to find a rainy day. Standing at the hotel main door made with glass, I saw a reflection of mine with those wet curly brown streaks mixing with those small drops of water stuck on the other side of the door making a illusion of mixed sight. I decided to hustle through that door and find a warm place to sit. As I stepped out, slow little drops of water begin to touch me. I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my trench coat and started walking. The roads were lonely and wet. The pavements had bizarre reflection of my body like a fading shadow, as it harbored water due to its uneven surface. It was dawn still the street lights were on, which reflected through the waters collected on the road. A quite walk and a few blocks lead me to a warm cozy place in an attempt of ‘enlightenment of my senses’. As I opened the door to get inside, a smell that quickly entered through my nose and reached the centers of my brains and awakened me. It was that gourmet coffee smell. My curly hair that were already wet form shower were now slowly dripping the water they had collected during the walk. The drops took the roller-coaster ride through my trench coat. Mesmerized by smell, I unconsciously hung my coat on the stand next to me. The next thing my eyes saw was the big bowl of coffee beans that were waiting to churn into the brewing machine. I heard the dripping of liquid coffee into the glass kettle as the machined brewed the coffee beans. I was lost and drowned in those senses and I heard a voice “hey good morning, the usual?”. My head turned in the direction of the voice and I saw a warm welcoming smile, on the lady. I came back to my sense and simply nodded in an agreement with a smile.

Couple seconds later I saw a warm cup filled with coffee along with the steam escaping from the cup and also mesmerizing smell of gourmet coffee. I paid for my coffee and took a table near to the big glass doors away from the group of old guys who were enjoying their coffee with indistinct chatters. As I sipped from the cup, I got the bitter taste of the coffee which instantly activated my numb mind. It acted like a drug to an addict. My activated brain caught the sight of the indistinct images of the head-lights of moving vehicle through the drops of water on the glass big windows. I could hear the sound of water that splashed as the vehicles moved through the rainy roads. That was the moment of enlightenment of my senses.

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