The Dark Place


Every night a feeling that whispers into my ears of mind,

That feeling draws me to a place,

Which is dark and sad like a viscous cycle, 

I’m somehow couldn’t resist myself to take that ‘one step’ back,

And I’m drowned into the waters of that place,

That place that is too dark, to feeling anything,

That place that is the reason for everything that went wrong,

It  feeds on my dark thoughts, It makes its home on my subconscious mind,

I could never realized how deep I have been until I found myself drowned into that place,

They say there is very fine line between the darkness and the dawn,

But every single night I somehow take that ‘one step’.

That takes me to the dark place,

The place that feeds on my dark thoughts.

I always wanted to know what is the dark place,

But I never realized that, that dark place was already there and every night I used to slip into that place.



EXTRACT: In this poem I would like to discuss about the dark place, that everyone has in their life. Its a place that’s like a tunnel filled with our dark thoughts, our deepest fears, our deepest secrets. We always visit that place, sometimes multiple times a day, knowingly or unknowingly. Its like a vampire that gains its strength on feeding our thoughts. If we were able to somehow feel or see that line between darkness and dawn, we can try to escape from that place.


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