Fortune Cookie (part 1)


My FLIGHT just landed on the Calgary International Airport. I had a connecting FLIGHT after 4 hours to San Jose, California. It was an early morning 6 am FLIGHT from Montreal, so I landed Calgary it was still 4 am. And I still had 3 hours to spend on airport. I could hear the growling of my stomach as soon as I exited the gate. So I decided to search for a cafe or some place to eat. I saw food counter sign and took the moving walkway to reach there. The food counters were arranged in a loop. I always eat a sub sandwich from Subway. Veggie patty 6 inch was my usual’s, specially during travel as I didn’t want an upset stomach later. I had spend my life focusing on my career and chasing after my dreams. I wanted to be a dentist when I was 9. I was a determined women and worked my ass off for that. I was given the title ‘beauty with brains’ during my college. My professional life had been extravagant and financially rewarding, but my personal life was a roller coaster ride and lacked FORTUNE. I had couple failed relationships where my passion for my work was not appreciated and I was titled as ‘a dominating’ and ‘control-freak’ individual. But I was a person who learned from my mistakes. So I had decided to try something different whether it could be big like financial decisions or as small as ordering different food, just to experience different things. Hence, I ordered some noodles and made it a meal at a Chinese food counter. The meal also had a FORTUNE cookie for dessert. Suddenly I realized everything was empty without a coffee, so I ordered a coffee from Subway. Since it was too early for me to eat I started with coffee and the FORTUNE cookie and left noodles for later.There were not many people surrounding me and the court was quiet empty since it was early morning. So, I took a seat and opened my FORTUNE cookie to see a message “Love is on the Horizon. The stars predict he will be tall, dark and centaur.” A smile just escaped my heart and I began to sip my coffee, thinking of doing some work that I should finish during this spare time. I took my laptop out from my bag-pack and turned it on. I tied my long open hair with brown highlights, up to a messy bun and started to clean the fog on my glass, formed from the warmth of coffee with my cotton checked shirt.

As I cleaned my red-framed glass and wore them back I saw a man standing in front of my table. I felt like he said something in a low voice which I couldn’t catch up. By PROFESSION I’m a dentist, so the first thing I ever notice in anyone was the teeth.But since I couldn’t catch up the tuning of his lips, I looked straight into his eyes. And I noticed a pair of nervous deep blue eyes. I had never seen someone’s eyes calmly blue and deep, it was memorizing. He had curly light brown soft hair with an handsome face and was carrying a side hand bag and white shirt with light blue checks. Within seconds I took a glance on his face and got to conclusion that he was nervous and scared. Not knowing what to say I said “Sorry… can I help you?” He took a second to gather courage and said “You have beautiful eyes…” THOUGHTS arouse in my mind “this guy saw my eyes right through my glasses. Ohh, wait he is complimenting me. No one every came up straight to me and complimented, not even in college. I know, I have a strong and bold personality, that guys are afraid to throw themselves on me due to rejection. How come he had this courage to come upfront? Just look at him, he is nervous and he looks cute. least you can do is not give that ‘angry look’ and just have a small conversation.” Knowing the awkwardness of the situation, by smiling I replied “thank you.I appreciate that.” I saw a rush of HAPPINESS on his face and he smiled and enthusiastically replied “I saw you on the Montreal to Calgary flight. I was sitting next to you.” “Really?? He was sitting next to me this whole time??How come I never noticed??How would you, you were so busy doing your work on laptop. So after checking me out for 4 hours he still followed me to the food counter?? Isn’t that creepy??What if he is a stalker or psycho??May be he was scared to ask me this whole time??I mean look at his nervous face Catherine, the LEAST you can do is be nice to him…” Realizing that I was lost in my THOUGHTS, I replied calmly “Really…I never noticed” Saying that I looked down and to check my laptop, and from the corner of my eye I noticed the quickly fading smile from his face. He started to look down slowly with sadness and my mind said “stop him. Don’t be so rude Catherine, you will regret this.” Trying to hold the conversation, I quickly said “So, your travelling from Montreal, right??” The enthusiasm came back on his face and he replied “Yes, I’m basically from Calgary. How about you??” I replied un-interesting way “No, I’m just travelling, not from here.” My THOUGHTS started to run again “At LEAST have some conversation, don’t let him leave with rejection. You have unknowingly been rude to many guys because you never noticed them. Be fair this time at LEAST.” As he was about to leave I said “If your not in a hurry have a seat, please. My name is Catherine, Catherine Munro.” extending my hand for a hand-shake. He quickly grabbed my hand for hand-shake and replied “My name is  John law.”

As soon as I TOUCH his hands, it felt different. Not only because his hands were soft, but also the TOUCH gave me a different FEELING. It felt like I knew him. The FEELING that one gets of already knowing a person but you meet them for the first time. If one has such kind of FEELING on meeting a person then one should keep that person in their life. I don’t get that FEELING too often with people I met, but the friendship that I have, have lasted because of this FEELING. His hands were soft on TOUCH. He grabbed a seat and we had an actual long conversation. He said  (smiling)”I saw that you love your laptop a lot” “Ya, I am a workaholic.” I replied. He said “Its nice to live for your dreams, you know. I like that.” “You really understand people.” I smiled looking into his eye. He asked “So what do you do for living??” “I’m a dentist.” I replied. “That’s good. But I saw you were so immersed in writing…are you a writer too??” he said. “yes, I run a blog, when I’m not working. Enough about me, what do you do for living??” I replied. “I’m a technology gig, unlike others I work in big firm, making dollars for the company…would like to open my own company one day…”  he replied laughingly.  “That’s good. I like individual with dreams.” Saying that THOUGHTS raised in my mind “I shouldn’t have used the word ‘like’. He would sense desperation. Off-course you haven’t been in any relationship for almost 2 years now and haven’t had sex for 2 and half years. Besides you don’t even know him that much. But he seems different not like ‘one night stand’. You feel different but what if he just wants a one night stand.” He interrupted my thoughts by saying “Hey, I would like to take you to some nice place sometime…” “You mean like a date??” I asked. “I was gonna say a date but then I thought you might get offended so…” He replied with little nervousness. “I don’t know you. What if your some psycho who is stalking me all through the flight…” I replied. “Well, its good to know your frankness, I assume the same. But would still like to take my chances.” He replied with a calm smile.  His sentence raised my THOUGHTS again “how can a guy be this calm and yet be appealing. How does he manage to be this serene….” He again interrupted “Hey, what are you thinking??” I smiled and said “Nothing, I was just thinking that…your different. You don’t get offended too easily.” “I would take that as a compliment. And I understand that people are scared to let someone in their life too easily, but I’m the one who sticks around.” That sentence just skipped my heart beat. “Do you want to share this noodles with me??” I said. He smiled and we started eating those noodles. That was how I met this guy who skipped my beats. He made me believe that its OK to hope that things will work out.

Sometimes in life we assume certain character set up about people on the first meeting, without knowing them first. At LEAST that as the case with me for guys. I use to judge them too quickly and often didn’t took much interest in them. May be that’s the reason why I’m single all this time. I had few failed relationships mostly because I was too much into my PROFESSION. Never tried to look outside of the box. May be this was the time, to come out from the box. Today was one of the incidences where the universe gave me a signs to meet a someone. I purposely didn’t eat anything last night (not my schedule) in Montreal as the hotel dinner was not vegan, so I was hungry this morning and opted to take Chinese dinner. Neither had I ordered that food, nor had I received that message in the FORTUNE cookie and neither had I met him. Its hard for a person who has such a dark past and failed relationships to trust someone again and fall in love. But this guy taught me how to trust someone again and how to hope that things will work out.


Please feel free to drop your suggestions and comments in the section below. The next part will be out soon, stay tuned.


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