I had a dream about my fiend’s wedding. Her name is Collen. We don’t talk too often nor do we meet too often, but we share a bond… a connection that is unspoken yet understandable. In her discription, she is a petite being, dark chocolate colored hair which she usually makes a one-sided braid. Her face is oval shaped and the most distinctive feature of her face is her nose… small, sharp yet not pointed but provides sharpness to her facial features. She has brown colored pupils and milk like white skin tone. I still remember the first time I saw her at the clinic she was nervous about her first day at work. She kept on asking if she was doing things correctly… more out of anxiety, though she has 12 years of experience in Dental Assisting. I saw a reflection of mine in her. And that created and instant connection. When you see some person at the first time and at that same moment you realize that you know them, and you feel like your connected to them. That was the same moment for me.

          At first, I use to hate Scott, for unknown reason. Might be out of jealousy or always doubted if he was the right man for her. Not judging him but as a protective and little possessive girlfriend. But 90% of my doubts and jealousy faded away when I saw Collen describing about how they first met. Her eyes had a different little spark when she described about their first meeting. And rest of 10% also faded when I saw both of them together in Shawn’s Halloween party. I still remember the moment when I and Collen were taking picture for the Halloween costumes, she had worn “crazy girl” costume and I was “a rabbit” (or cat, let’s not get into that details). We were taking pictures, acting like she was sucking blood from my veins like vampire and I acting like a helpless rabbit and Scott was taking pictures. After we were done I asked Scott if he and Collen wanted to take pictures together. They both looked at each other and smiled and made eye contact and said “oh we are too old for that formality.” Something sparked between those eyes. And I saw love and affection in those four eyes. I remember how Scott introduced her to the important guest/people in the party. And at that party my heart felt full and happy that my friend had the right prince in her life.

         George Harrison- the ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp tunes was softly ringing in the background. It was a beautiful sunny day. And my dreams main frame was a school church, which looked like any other normal church form outside. As one opens the door and enters, like any other church it had benches, the stage for prayers and carols, the four walls had big glass bearing pictures of Jesus. But the most astonishing part was the ceiling, it was made of clear thick glass and had a big and beautiful hanging candle chandelier at the center. The ceiling also carried small beautiful glass candle vases and holders as regular intervals.  The candles were not lit but still one can smell the aroma of mesmerizing rose from it. All the guests were seated and there were soft indistinct chatters. The groom Scott was wearing a black classy suite with a cap on his head (as I have seen him always), along with the priest. His best man Shawn, was sitting in one of the front rows of the benches and flirting with lovely ladies. Everybody was waiting for the bride to arrive.

Collen, the bride was standing outside of the closed door of the church, along with his Dad (who was suited up in all white). She wore a white custom fit gown made from crepe satin and French Chantilly lace with design similar to one worn by Bella Swan in ‘Twilight’ movie. Her face was covered with wedding veil. I was standing right next to her in a royal blue dodger dress with frills only on one shoulder. She looked at her dad and passed a smile. I was standing right next to her, but she didn’t pass a smile. Maybe she was anxious. The door opened and the crowd went silent to watch the bride. Sunlight passed through the clear glass ceiling and illuminated the walkway for the bride. Now the song in the background changed to James Arthur ‘say you won’t let go’… met you in the dark, you lit me up. You made me feel as though I was enough. We danced the night away, we drank too much…

She walked the aisle while holding her dad’s hand. I was also walking next to her. Scott’s eyes were fixed on her. the whole song played in my dream as she walked through the aisle and I could see love and affection in her and Scott’s eyes. Its one of the rare feelings to get, to feel eternal happiness for someone closer, other than you. It felt as if I found sunlight after a long cold winter. My heart was full of gratitude to see my friend happy. Finally, she came close to her, stood by his side on the stage her dad placed her hand on Scott’s hands. I was right next to her but somehow, she missed to look at me just for once.  Though all this time she knew I was with her as she held my hand but, Somehow, she couldn’t make an eye contact.  Instead as she was on stage she looked at one of the person and smiled sitting in the front benches. Myself, who excitingly waited to have her look at me just before starting the ceremony, was desperate to find out that who she is looking and smiling at.  I looked at her direction of watching and found that she was smiling at me, sitting on the front benches, in the same royal blue dodger dress… And finally the ceremony started.

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