Everyone looked at the beautiful face, eyes and body,

Nobody notices at a beautiful heart.

Girls are expected to look beautiful,

Why aren’t they to be seen more than that?

The world isn’t just unfair for the ugly ducklings,

But its also unfair for the ‘fair and lovely ones’.

Everyone saw the beautiful face,

But nobody saw a beautiful heart.

At the last phase of life, the external beauty fades,

What remains is just a beautiful heart.

EXTRACT: this poem expresses the feelings of a beautiful face which also has a beautiful heart. “high-school sweetheart”, “college dream girl” – those 5% of individuals who happened to be famous just because of their external looks. Why everyone is so obsessed with the looks, the body??? It feels like we are seen as products that are highly rated and labelled as “beauty” products. Nobody tries to look beyond the face, eye and body, that we too can have a good heart, good nature and other intangible qualities.



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