The Pressure

September 22, 2018 kazumi 2

All of us at one point carry some type of pressure in life. Pressure for performing good in exams, pressure for establishing good career etc. […]

A Secret

September 22, 2018 kazumi 1

VIEWERS DISCRETION : This article is clearly not intended to promote any kind of suicidal or depressive emotions. The character in this article is completely […]

The Dark Place

September 20, 2018 kazumi 0

  Every night a feeling that whispers into my ears of mind, That feeling draws me to a place, Which is dark and sad like […]

How to Move on

September 17, 2018 kazumi 0

  In this article I would like to talk about ways to MOVE ON in life. Moving on could be for anything whether its a […]

Fortune Cookie (part 1)

September 15, 2018 kazumi 2

  My FLIGHT just landed on the Calgary International Airport. I had a connecting FLIGHT after 4 hours to San Jose, California. It was an […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  They say life is uncertain. That implied to ancient times when man hunted for food and life. But in modern world, even if we […]

Perception Glasses

September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  I never thought that I would come back to the city, That once gave me a homely feeling, Because I was wearing my old […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  I’m not a big fan of the flights or travel diaries. I don’t know how people could travel so often through flight travels. While […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 1

  In my opinion, motherhood is a miracle. Isn’t it a miracle that your body can create another living being just like you?? That breaths, […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 5

I miss you like the smell of the morning coffee, I miss you like the smell of the first rain, I miss you like the […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 9

Born with a low self-esteem and self-confidence, I choose to believe in myself. Going through the bullying culture in school/college, I choose not to lose […]


September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

Everyone looked at the beautiful face, eyes and body, Nobody notices at a beautiful heart. Girls are expected to look beautiful, Why aren’t they to […]

Bungee Jump

September 13, 2018 kazumi 0

  We went for a small vacation to British Columbia in the start of summer (spring). I had this list of “things to do” and […]